culinary sicily

Culinary Sicily

If you love great food, Sicily is the ideal holiday location. You can enjoy refined dishes in many ristoranti on the island, or dine in simple trattorie or real farmhouses (agriturismi) where often local and organic ingredients are used.

The Sicilian cuisine consists of many delicious dishes that can be accompanied by fine wines. Read more about it on the pages about the Sicilian cuisine, regional products, Sicilian wines and Sicilian olives and olive oil:

The Sicilian cuisine

On this page we mention several Sicilian delicacies. From typical snacks to real Sicilian cuisine and delicious dolci. How about an arancina stuffed with minced meat, the Bistecca alla palermitana or an ice cream sandwich ..? Read more

Regional products

Some products and ingredients are only found in certain villages in Sicily, or in specific regions of the sunny island. You can’t leave the island before having tasted at least a few of them… Lees meer

Sicilian wines

A delicious Sicilian meal is not complete without a fine Sicilian wine! Read more about Sicilian quality wines.

Olives and olive oil

The Sicilian landscape is dotted with olive groves, so it comes as no surprise that you’ll find the finest extra virgin olive oil on this island. Read more about Sicilian olives and olive oil.

A modern take on the traditional Sicilian cuisine